Bolivian Rosewood Pen Blank

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Bolivian rosewood (aka pau ferro) color can be highly varied, ranging from reddish/orange to a dark violet/brown, usually with contrasting darker black streaks.  Bolivian rosewood is considered overall to be of fair workability, as it can blunt the cutting edges of tools, and any irregular grain has a tendency to tear-out during machining operations. Also, many of the same challenges in gluing rosewoods are common as well. Bolivian rosewood turns and finishes well.  Common uses include veneer, musical instruments, cabinetry, flooring, interior trim, turning, and other small specialty wood objects.  Bolivian rosewood is technically not a true rosewood, as it is not in the Dalbergia genus.  Pen Blank approx. 5/8" - 3/4" square x 5" - 6" long.