Axiom Precision CNC

We now proudly sell Axiom Precision CNC Machines! - Check out the video below.

Axiom Precision CNC Machines - Autoroute Basic & Pro+
-Models Range from 2'x2' up to 2'x4' - Call or Email Us for More Details.

  • Autoroute Pro+ Models include 3 HP Liquid Cooled Spindle and are 4th Axis Ready - pricing starts at $5999.99
  • Autoroute Basic Models include universal router mount for your variable speed router - pricing starts at $4499.99
  • All models inlcude precision ball screws, prismatic linear guides, heavy duty interlocking aluminum table + MDF spoilboard, tool touch off plate, structural steel frames, and Axiom industrial CNC controller w/ handheld remote (no pc needed)
  • Options include heavy duty steel stands, toolboxes, CNC bit sets, hold down clamps, vacuum kit, and software.
  • Pricing:
  • AR4 Basic (2'x2') w/ router mount - $4499.99
  • AR6 Basic (2'x3') w/ router mount - $4999.99
  • AR8 Basic (2'x4') w/ router mount - $5499.99
  • AR4 Pro+ (2'x2') w/ 3 HP liquid cooled spindle - $5999.99
  • AR6 Pro+ (2'x3') w/ 3 HP liquid cooled spindle - $6499.99
  • AR8 Pro+ (2'x4') w/ 3 HP liquid cooled spindle - $6999.99