Ebony Pen Blank

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Ebony, also known as Gaboon ebony, has heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation or visible grain. It occasionally has dark brown or grayish-brown streaks.  Ebony can be difficult to work due to its extremely high density. It has a dulling effect on cutters and tear-out may occur on pieces that have interlocked or irregular grain. Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing. It finishes well, and polishes to a high luster. It also responds well to steam bending.  Common uses include small/ornamental items, such as piano keys, musical instrument parts, pool cues, carvings, and other small specialty items.  It is so named because historically most of the wood was exported from the nation of Gabon, though today it’s much more likely to be sourced from Cameroon.  There’s no mistaking Gaboon Ebony as there are few woods that are deep and solid black (unless dyed), and even most species in the Diospyros genus aren’t black.  Pen Blank approx. 5/8" - 3/4" square x 5" - 6" long.