Kingwood Pen Blank

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Kingwood heartwood is a dark purplish or reddish brown with darker black streaks.  Kingwood tends to be difficult to work due to its high density.  Kingwood has a moderate blunting effect on cutters, and tear-out can occur during planing if interlocked grain is present. It can be difficult to glue due to natural oils and high density.  It turns very well and takes a high polish.  Common uses include inlays, veneers, tool handles, and other small turned and/or specialty items.  Considered a true rosewood in the Dalbergia genus, Kingwood is among the densest (and probably strongest) of all the rosewoods. There is very little mechanical data available on Kingwood, though given its weight, and its relation to other rosewoods, it’s likely to be extremely stiff, strong, and stable.  Pen Blank approx. 5/8" - 3/4" square x 5" - 6" long.