Bubinga 2" x 2" x 12"

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Bubinga heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. Bubinga is very frequently seen with a variety of figure, including: pommele, flamed, waterfall, quilted, mottled, etc.  Bubinga is easy to work overall, but can have silica present, which can prematurely dull cutting edges.  Bubinga turns and finishes well.  Bubinga is commonly used for veneer, inlays, fine furniture, cabinetry, turnings, and other specialty items.  Bubinga has a close resemblance to rosewood, and is often use in place of more expensive woods.  Bubinga also has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.  2" x 2" x 12" Spindle Turning Blank.